Jamie Jensen

Why I Chose to Write Children's Books on Emotional Health Topics

When I shared the first draft of “Sticky Labels” with my kids my two oldest both said, “Whoa! I’ve felt that before!”

This is why I do it. This. Left to myself I would not try to publish books in an oversaturated market. But I’m not left to myself! I’m a mother! I chose them! And they deserve the very best - especially emotionally. So I write these books and my kids enjoy and learn from them and then I go... “But what about the other kids?”.

Children are largely ignored in our culture. We are so adult-focused so often! It’s cliche - but if I can help one kid realize who they are in this confusing world then I will keep at it. I will keep being vulnerable. I will keep marketing even though I dislike it. I will continue even if it only benefits one child.

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